Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pip, pip....The apple

After an oodley long time I'm finally returning to The Apple. I've been threatening to crack on with it for far too long, however, now I have some time and no excuses.
It's a simple tale of an apple and the people it encounters during it's short and fruitful life, and we're not talking greengrocers. Page one, dawn, spring and buds...
Page One
Page 5 - work in progress

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Inky fingers

This is Lily-Lou. She's a character that myself and the Wild One, Kirsten Wild, are developing along with several others.
I've drawn and painted her a few times, however, this morning I was overwhelmingly drawn to my original sketch. Everything I've done since that doesn't capture the's a case of style over content, which sometimes leaves you with a flat imagine.
I thought this might be the right time to open up a leaky pot of ink and do some playing. The aim is to capture the original energy of the first sketch but with a little more control. It's quite jolly getting the dip pen out again, despite being left with inky fingers, and when I say inky I mean inky. I'm thinking this quite heavily influenced by some Delftware we've inherited. Right now Blue is good, but not too much. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014


HELLO, it's been an awfully long time since I last visited my blog, not for nothing though. Last May I contracted Necrotising Fasciitis, resulting in my loosing my right leg. However, I'm lucky, I'm alive, I have a loving family, fingers that draw and a whole lot of life to hop about in.
There were projects that had to bide their time and new ones bursting into life. I'm working on a terrific little graphic poem for Pighog Press, which will be published this Autumn and a story that won't go away, as well as countless other stories and poems that are bouncing around on my desk. I'm posting a few panels from a comic I was working on before I got ill, 'Euston concourse and beyond', some pics from "How to write your Science Thesis', and a page from a little experimental piece that I've been tinkering with forever. I'm truly back in my shed, we are one and life is good.

How to write your Science Thesis


Euston concourse and beyond