Friday, 15 May 2015

Deep, deep down

A few weeks back I started a Tumblr account, the aim of which was to have a space where I could share sketches and ideas around my contracting a severe Streptococcal infection in 2013. Not the lightest of subjects, however, during the last two years, the experience has taken me to places that are as fascinating as they've been challenging.
The suddenness of the illness, two weeks in a harrowing coma, thats best described as a 'drug induced purgatory', and the consequences of losing a limb are all areas I'm planning to explore through pictures.
I've been doodling around the edges of these subjects for some time, and now, two years on I feel I've got the clarity with which to start drawing. As & when I'll be posting updates at

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Don't Pick The Flowers

I love picking titles for comics, a vast array of options for a vast array of ideas, some of which will never make it past the corner of the sketch book. 'Lost in Klimt' morphed into 'Don't Pick The Flowers' in a matter of a view panels.
Imagine if you could inhabit the world of a painting...