Thursday, 27 September 2012

Venus and Wegg Parley

A snippet from an 'Our Mutual Friend' piece I did for Diavazo Magazine, Greece. This ties in with much of the other Dickens 2012 work I've been up to these last 12 months. I also thought I'd take the opportunity to post the Flickr link to my recent Dickens inspired workshop in Valletta.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

There's always a price to pay!!!!

Me and the lovely Michael Quinton from Wicked Comics, Malta

All the lovely peeps who came along to the Dickens inspired 'Images of Valletta workshop

The Suq - sketch

Fruit seller - sketch
And the price for enjoying the sun in September in lovely Malta is...freezing my fingers off in my shed. A few days away and it's got a bit nippy, am back in my woollies and thermal socks....nice!
The British Council/Wicked Comics sponsored workshop in Valletta was great fun; beautiful city, beautiful people and LOVELY work. Will add a link to the on going Flickr gallery when I get my head round it - bit of a luddite  - there you can view everyone's work as it develops. The final work will be exhibited at the Malta Comic con this December.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Oo0h EerRr, a bit sp00ky

This is some work for Deirdre  Whelan
Publishing, that was REALLY fun to work on. I haven't done many scary or bloody images in the past, I find I rather LIKE doing them. Although, working in the shed at night, when its all dark and things go bump and so forth - I do get a little spooked - well I did when doing an illustration of a man freshly risen from his grave. 0!0