Thursday, 3 April 2014

Inky fingers

This is Lily-Lou. She's a character that myself and the Wild One, Kirsten Wild, are developing along with several others.
I've drawn and painted her a few times, however, this morning I was overwhelmingly drawn to my original sketch. Everything I've done since that doesn't capture the's a case of style over content, which sometimes leaves you with a flat imagine.
I thought this might be the right time to open up a leaky pot of ink and do some playing. The aim is to capture the original energy of the first sketch but with a little more control. It's quite jolly getting the dip pen out again, despite being left with inky fingers, and when I say inky I mean inky. I'm thinking this quite heavily influenced by some Delftware we've inherited. Right now Blue is good, but not too much.