Friday, 4 March 2011

After the critique comes the hard work

Big thanks to Laura Atkins my writing Guru and guide through this at times jumbly process.
After pouring through the notes of Laura's critique of the old GN, I'm finally getting to work editing/amending it. I thought this bit would be easy after the somersaults of writing it in the first place!!!! It feels a bit like an episode of 'Heroes'- tieing up all the loose ends of the plot and then thinking of a hundred more I could add and all those missed opportunities.
In the meantime I'm trying to keep it together and find that there is a lot more drawing to be done, a couple of spreads and the odd page or two.
This being one of the odd pages. I found myself squinting and holding the paper about a foot away and talking to myself when doing this pic. Mmm...

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