Friday, 8 July 2011

Fitting a square illustrator into a graphic novel shaped hole.

 When I posted my last blog I thought I knew how my book would look, but and it was a huge BUT, something wasn't working.  Apart from the odd pic the gouache and ink just wasn't telling the story and the line was just wrong.  After a few navel gazing weeks I dumped it all and started again. I lay down my dip-pen and picked up the most splendid brush and suddenly I was transported back into the story. 
After finding the right line the next question was colour - 'to colour or not to colour?' I hate making decisions when I have time to make them. I thought a little colour would be nice because I like red hair, and that would probably be reason enough but for the fact its for kids and I think kids like colour, just a smidgey.

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