Wednesday, 17 October 2012

FOOTFALL in Valletta

Following the British Council/Wicked comics  'Boz' workshop I ran in Malta last month, this is my contribution to the IMAGES OF VALLETTA exhibition that will be held early in December in Valletta. It's something of a documentary/comic/poetry/hommage mash-up and I LOVED doing it!!! It seems that I get little poetic flurries when doing things like this (London - Dickens 2012). I do have a beloved that checks my cheesey factor when these flurries take root...which is good!! My little creative journey is documented on our 'Images of Valletta' Flickr page - check it out. There you'll also find the initial work of the workshop participants, and soon their marvellous final pieces will be up there too.
P.S. Times of Malta article relating to the project -

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